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The Arts

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The Arts Facet is dedicated to enriching lives through transformative educational art experiences, making a lasting impact on our community. We recognize the importance of integrating arts into our chapter and collaborating with organizations to cultivate creativity. Embracing the philosophy of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), we strive to be a catalyst for innovation, fostering not only artistic expression but also cognitive development. Our goal is to empower individuals by serving as a conduit for emotional expression, boosting self-confidence, and enhancing communication skills. Beyond these personal benefits, we are committed to contributing to academic success, promoting cultural awareness, developing social skills, and instilling a lifelong enjoyment of artistic pursuits.


The SF Links Poster Art Competition, a National Signature Program since 1995, stands as a testament to our commitment to promoting health and well-being through the arts. Running biennially from November to April, the competition transcends the traditional notion of a contest. It becomes a celebration of creativity and community talent within the future generation.

SF Links Poster Arts Competition has come to a close, leaving behind a trail of vibrant posters and beaming young artists. Under the guidance of Harrison Parker, Kundan Baidwan and Enkie Solomon - Guest Artists, Deborah Gutof - the visual arts teacher, and with the enthusiastic support of Mr. Bursey - the 4th-grade teacher, and SF Links, students had poured their hearts and souls into their artwork, all centered around the theme: “My community’s health and wellness begins with my family and me.” Throughout five engaging sessions, held every Friday from February 23rd to March 22nd, students delved into their imaginations, exploring different mediums and techniques to bring their ideas to life. From colorful paintings, to intricate collages, each poster was a testament to the creativity and talent of the young artists at Dr. Charles Drew Elementary School. At our last working session on April 22nd, we celebrated completion and creativity as we honored all the participants with Certificates of completion, along with Target gift cards to recognize their hard work and dedication. 

On March 23rd, the SF Links held their monthly meeting, all of the posters where displayed for members to enjoy.  Members served as judges, carefully evaluated each poster based on creativity, content, and artistic ability. The competition was fierce, with each poster showcasing a unique perspective on the theme of community health and wellness. After much deliberation, the winners were finally announced. Chance Johnson’s poster, titled “Sonic the Health Hog - Kids Save the Earth!” took home the first-place prize, capturing the hearts of the judges with its imaginative approach and vibrant imagery. Sara Molina’s poster, “Helping the Community,” claimed second place, while Téa Wise and Nákayla Angel tied for third place with their posters “Ocean Life Love” and “Love it Baby,” respectively. The celebration doesn’t stop there. On April 19th, the top chapter winners will be presented with an award and a cash prize.

But the excitement didn’t end at the chapter level. As the first-place winner, Chance Johnson’s poster was submitted digitally to the National Poster Competition, where it would compete against entries from across the country. The anticipation was palpable as students eagerly awaited the announcement of the national winners in June. The Links National Poster Arts Competition had been a resounding success, showcasing the incredible talent and creativity of the students at Dr. Charles Drew Elementary School. It was a celebration of art, community, and the power of imagination to inspire positive change. And as the posters remained proudly displayed at the school, they served as a reminder of the impact that creativity can have in shaping a healthier, happier community.

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