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International Trends & Services

The Links Incorporated has historically focused on addressing educational, financial, social and cultural barriers facing African descendants within and outside of the U.S. We have award winning model programs that address equity and access issues at home and abroad through the transformational work of our chapter.


SFLinksConnect: Mentoring Across The Miles, Liberia continues our core national and international educational outreach mission. Our Liberia program affirms the historical connection between African Americans and Liberia, which is embodied in our relationship with Ellen Sirleaf, President of Liberia and an honorary member of The Links Incorporated.


Mentoring Across the Miles is a multilevel mentoring program that is focused on decreasing high school and college attrition.  In addition to financial support, we convene monthly videoconferences with young women in Liberia to help strengthen their academic preparation and life skills to enable them to complete high school and matriculate into a 2 or 4 year college program. 

Our theme this year is “Inspiration and Aspirations”.  We continue to work with the Liberian students to prepare for exit exams, review and look at colleges, and fortify areas of study where needed.  As part of every meeting, we work with them on public speaking and have them project their voices. The students do a check in every meeting and discuss which classes are going well and which classes are challenging. The students always encourage each other. We work on critical thinking skills when we analyze books or poetry passages. 



The San Francisco (CA) Chapter of Links, Incorporated were proud to sponsor a reception for author Wayetu Moore as she read from her powerful debut novel "She Would Be King". Wayetu was featured in the Museum of African Disapora's Authors in Conversations series.  

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